Mariana Zwarg Sexteto Universal

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Line up: 

Mariana Zwarg (BRA) • flutes, sax

Mette Nadja Hansen (DK) • vocals, percussion

Johannes von Ballestrem (GER) • piano

Ricardo Sá Reston (BRA) • electric bass

Pierre Chastel (FR) • drums, percussion

Sami Kontola (FIN/BRA) • percussion

“Mariana Zwarg makes music in styles she refers to as Creative Brazilian Music and Universal Music. She is an instrumentalist and composer connected to the world through her sounds, and this album is living proof of that connection. Nascentes, her first album, brings together a group of excellent musicians from Brazil, Germany, Denmark, France and Finland – playing electrifying creative music, under a bandleader who knows both the roots of where she comes from and limitless possibilities of where she’s going. 

Where she comes from: Mariana is the daughter (musical and biological) of the great Itiberê Zwarg; the musical and spiritual granddaughter of Hermeto Pascoal; and a sister to us all. From all the women of Creative Brazilian Music we say – hail Mariana!

And as for where she is going… The wide world beckons!” 

Acknowlegded Brazilian Singer, composer and arranger.
Joyce Moreno –
Rio de Janeiro 2020